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We also need to work on some of the deficiencies we have identified—and, regrettably, we will need to allow a few mission-specific skills to degrade gracefully. The reporting process starts with the observations and insights of our personnel on operations, whether in Canada or overseas. These observations can be submitted directly, as a result of an after-action review, but frequently they are collected by embedded lessons liaison teams.

Under subsection 317 of the Corporations Act, that unless the corporations listed hereunder comply with the requirements of the Corporations Information Act within 90 days of this Notice, orders will be made dissolving the defaulting corporations. At the higher level piece, I think, if anything, it has only reinforced what we already had. It has allowed us to look at that, underpinned by the army ethos, as an example, where we see diversity in Canada as a strength. As we work in teams, in coalitions, yes, we can find things that divide us and that cause friction, but there’s always more that unites us. I was reminded by our men and women in uniform overseas that we probably have more in common with one another than we do with many of our own sectors of society back home. Now, regarding training to excite, I’m going to shift to reserves right now.

The counter-insurgency operations we did in the past were very different. The threats they were exposed to, although regrettably so lethal, were different in nature. But my primary question referred to the type of training that goes into time elements, because we know in disasters that how quickly we get there means something. Perhaps you could relate, number one, to our the ability to get there. You did refer to the C-17 in its ability versus having to getting in line to rent an Antonov to go somewhere, and having to get in line for that rental. We have a younger generation with a different value set from the generation on the other side of age 45 or 50.

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We have also made huge strides in building mutual respect between the regular and reserve components of the army. As an example, in my past job we deployed the reserve territorial battle group, the 36th brigade out of Halifax, to Prince Edward Island to conduct an exercise in the Summerside area. We had air support from the Royal Canadian Air Force.

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We had two maritime coastal defence vessels, and one was used to transport troops. So we had the army, navy, and air force working together in the reserve. The scenario, although it was a weekend training event, was set up so that they went right into the scenario. So, from a company level, the young soldiers got to do some pretty neat stuff. We’ll do that this weekend, in the sense that the scenario that you saw was evolving.

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In terms of the body of knowledge the reservists have learned–and many of them will come back and move on to other challenges–that is true. We’re also seeing that many reservists are staying, and the body of knowledge they’ve acquired is relevant to a domestic operational context. Fundamentally, what they’ve done is to develop leadership skills that are usable across the spectrum of operations within Canada. So this is a piece that we’re working hard to ingrain within the reserve community.

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  • So we’ve had almost two decades of that kind of integration, which is great.
  • We expect Canadian soldiers, wherever they go, to represent that ethos and to reflect the values that Canadians want us to represent.

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Doctrine is a higher-level piece; it’s how we solve problems. It’s things like mission command, understanding a commander’s intent, giving subordinates resources. As an example, I sent a team to conduct a reconnaissance of the mission in Kabul right now, to ensure cmtc coin that the training we are doing is what they need. I’ve modified my direction in response to this guidance. That is being used in Gagetown right now by the 2nd Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment to train the soldiers who are going to go in the new year.

There are strengths that the reserves bring to the table that we clearly recognize we do not want to lose. And I think that’s where that respect is today, as opposed to not working together, which is where we were 5 to 10 years ago. So it’s not a question of respect in the sense of there being something opposite, but when you eventually work with somebody, regardless of whatever walk of life they are from, you gain respect for the skills they bring to the table. In many cases, you did not know that individual. You did not know what they were capable of, and so that’s where the army really was. It was not common 5 to 10 years ago for the regular and reserve components to train together.

The short answer is that they are trained on those things. That level is above me in terms of training, because it becomes an operational piece. It’s actually the commander of 1 Canadian Division who has DART and the non-combatant evacuation task, as an example.

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There is a framework that allows us, as an example, to put Canadian soldiers to work with allies, even in a littoral context with the United States Marine Corps, with the Royal Marines, with the Brazilian marines. Once a problem is identified, the development phase determines how best to achieve a solution. Options will be developed, informed by research, experimentation, discussion, debate, and war gaming. Allied and joint approaches, as well as professional journals and research papers, can be used to broaden the examination. The Financial Services Commission of Ontario will post notice of any suspension and subsequent resumption of operation of this Rollout Guideline on its website (). Concerning receipt of attachments must be provided to the CPA within five business days after the last attachment has been received by the Participating Insurer.

As you saw during your recent visit to the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre, we go to great lengths to ensure that our soldiers are trained in a realistic way to prepare them for the challenges of operations. Doctrine and lessons learned provide the underpinning for effective training. Doctrine is a word that is often misunderstood, but in essence it means a common understanding of the nature of land warfare, and thus a consistent approach to how we solve tactical problems. Automobile insurers are not liable to pay for expenses related to the completion of certain accident benefit forms by the health professionals and providers listed in this Guideline that exceed the maximums set out below.

If you think back to 2005, we had a number of units that were under-strength, so we recruited soldiers. Those soldiers are now junior leaders, the primary land qualification that you referred to, the master corporals. Those master corporals are our future sergeants and warrant officers. There’s a perception that the army has gone through Afghanistan with a lot of resources dedicated towards it and that it is in good shape coming out of this. What we have to be aware of is that we’ve been putting a tremendous amount of resources towards prosecuting a mission, and this has led to that increased tempo of soldiers.

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